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The South Bay is becoming home to great restaurants and shopping like no other community. So many of these have become landmarks in a short amount of time and some have been here for decades. Many of these new ventures have opened our community and keep making the South Bay a highly sought area to experience culture and the laid back beach lifestyle.  


We will dive into a local eatery, Día de Campo. Here is a quick background on the restaurant:


Located in Hermosa Beach, just a block off the sand and strand, Día de Campo is a modern surf lodge, of sorts, catering to those who want to disconnect, leave the day behind and gather with friends and strangers over flavorful food and drinks.


A blend of old school and new school Mexican, meets West Coast fish house and raw bar.

Día de Campo owners Chef Tin Vuong and Jed Sanford’s vision for a Mexican and seafood restaurant set in the South Bay of Los Angeles. The menu has Chef Tin paying homage to the array of Mexican and Latino food he’s enjoyed growing up in LA, mostly coming out of cocinas east of the LA River, while also taking inspiration from the fish houses, oyster bars and surf shacks along the coasts of California, Mexico, Hawaii and wherever the Pacific meets the sand.


Check it out yourself in the link below.